Asterisk gui FreePbx or Asterisk now?

Hi guys,
I’m planning to install in my remote dedicated server with Centos 5.1 asterisk and a gui for my company.

I’ve always used the service that seems to use Freepbx gui for Asterisk.

Now 2 simple questions:

1 - Which GUI is better and more professional for Asterisk: Freepbx or AsteriskNOW?

2 - There’s a simple how to guide to install asterisk and a gui on a Centos system without any zaptel hardware on it?

FreePBX is more feature-rich than AsteriskNow. However, AsteriskNow is the closest thing to an “official” GUI for Asterisk, as it’s a Digium product.

Other than that, there is also some basic difference in how both packages actually work.

FreePBX saves changes to a database and then rewrites Asterisk config files when you “apply changes”. AsteriskNow is actually writing changes to the config files.

My personal preference would be for an AsteriskNow that had the functionality of FreePBX…but we’re not quite there yet.

Perhaps you should start with one of the pre-built packages and try for yourself…pick any one you’d like. CentPBX, Trixbox, Druid, Elastic, PBX-in-a-Flash.

I can’t use pre-built packages because my server is remote and I have installed Centos 5.1 there.
So I need to remotely install asterisk and a gui.

While FreePBX has a “better” interface I think Asterisk now is better because it works directly with the configuration files. With FreePBX there are loads of lines of code that are generated. Also it helps people that are new to Asterisk learn the system because with every addition and change to Asterisk they can see the corresponding code vs. FreePBX you will have a hard time figuring it out.

Thank you all for your opinion, keep telling me your point of view.

What about a guide “how to”?
I found this one: … eepbx-v24x

But actually I don’t have any hardware and I use only sip trunks no DID.

You don’t need any special hardware to run asterisk.

Yes I know I was just looking at this “how to” and it has an hardware section, maybe you can suggest me a better installation guide? :laughing:

Dont know of any for Trixbox. I am more of a “Vanilla” user.