Asterisk and E1

Hi Folks,
I’m new to the world of TDM networks and wondered if anyone could tell me if the following scenario is possible:

We have an ISDN30e line from BT, coming in as fibre, terminated in a box labeled “ASDH NTE 4U /7A” that seems to have four E1 interfaces on it. We wish to use the ISDN30e for two types of call:
First type is straightforward voice calls coming from our office SIP VOIP phones, second is CSD data calls coming from a GSM picocell which has an E1 interface.

The CSD calls will be few and far between but very important when they happen, however if possible, we’d rather not have to have a whole extra ISDN line dedicated to the CSD calls.

Could asterisk, if fitted with a dual E1 card, manage to route the CSD calls from the picocell and also the voip calls coming from the SIP phones on the network?

Many thanks,

yes. pretty easily too.