Need help for new setup

Hi, hope this is in the right forum

I have the currect setup at the moment

ISDN30e which connects to a meridian 1 system :frowning: which then the standard handsets connect

i would like to set up the following if possible

replace the meridian 1 with a asterisk box, is this possible

in a ideal world i would like the following

keep current DDI incomming numbers
keep all current handsets, if thats possible
route all out going calls over VOIP

could some one let me know if this is possible?? or maybe recomend a company that could set this up?

i’ve dropped you a PM. let me know if i can help.

ok after looking around can somone confirm that to connect a normal pstn phone to a asterisk box i would need a TDM card with a fxs port, one for each phone

also can i migrate me currect ddi from the isdn30 to a sip trunk provider?


the tdm route is correct, however, if you have a lot of estensions you will need a lot of cards.

You could also try ATA’s - more wires, but it will work.

As for numbers, you should be able to port number to a voip ITSP. I use voipfone and they charged £20 per line (assuming you are in the UK). I would look at IAX providers, instead of SIP, if possible

anyone recommend a IAX provider?