UK Asterisk / ISDN

Hi all,

I’m currently tasked with implementing a low-cost, high performance and reliable telephone system for a motorcycle dealership in the UK, and Asterisk is my primary candidate for the system.

My question is: can Asterisk work well as a small office (8 extensions) PBX, with a mixture of analogue and IP phones, on an ISDN2e telephone line from BT?

The reason i am thinking of using ISDN2e is that i need to be able to have two lines, but with one number (i.e. if someone calls on the main number, and then a second person calls the same number, instead of an engaged tone, they will get through and another staff member can take the call). If there is another way to do this with anaologue lines, i’m open to suggestions.

If it does work well with ISDN, will features such as DDI (direct dial inwards) and caller id be possible? And can anyone recommend any hardware that will allow me to connect my asterisk PBX to the ISDN line?

Many thanks for any information you can offer!


I too would like to hear recommendations, especially BRI cards.


To to what u mentioned as second line, there is no need for ISDN. Normal PSTN lines can do that. You can ask for BT to provide you any number of phone lines (obviously with severeal numbers), and have them on a HUNT GROUP with a one hunting number. Where ppl will dial d hunting number and it will hunt for a free line from BT exchange.