Asterisk <-> LG LDK 100 PBX

Hey All,

I’ve been reading/playing and otherwise fiddling with Asterisk for a while. I love it! It’s crazy how big corps can charge £££’s for something you can get for free (more or less!).

There’s just one more bit I need to be able to accomplish before I can roll out a full Asterisk system where I work.

We currently have an LG LDK 100 PBX system which provides around 60 internal POTS extensions and takes in two ISDN lines.

I know how to get the two external lines hooked up to Asterisk but i’m looking at making use of our existing infrastructure. I’d like to hook the LDK100 system up to Asterisk so I can route internal calls to existing phone extensions.

I’ve been reading around places and I think what I need is a T1 connection to the LDK100 and I should then be able to configure both as needed. However that’s where the information seems to have run dry. Could anyone offer me some tips/hints to the right direction. It’d be awesome if someone with some experience with the LDK100 could offer their input as well :smile:

If I can link the two up then getting a full blown VOIP system up and running would score us mega brownie points!

Much appreciation in advance! :smile:

(P.s. if this has already been covered, I apologise. I’ve tried searching but couldn’t find anything. A pointer to the right location would be appreciated)


So it’s got 2 ports for ISDN lines? Are those ISDN2 or ISDN30 lines?

If you’re using £’s as a unit of currency, you’re going to be looking to do E1 and not T1 (North America only).

Are both of those ISDN ports populated with links to the PSTN? Do you have any spare/unused ISDN ports, preferably ISDN30/E1/T1, on the system?