Asterisk as ISDN PTSN Gateway to VOIP

Hello all,
I have a traditional setup today, there are some so called ECD Servers that have Brooktrout TR1034 E1 cards installed. They’re connected with physical lines to corresponding E1 Lines to the carrier. All is traditional ISDN. Now the end of ISDN is coming and the carrier cancelled the contract. I’m thinking about if it would be possible to connect the Brooktrout TR1034 cards to a Asterisk (with maybe Digium TE410p cards in it) and connect the ECD servers from their Brooktrout TR1034 sockets to Digium TE410p sockets. The Asterisk is connected to multible SIP Trunks. I’m not familiar if it would be possible to configure Asterisk PBX so it would facing to the Brooktrout TR1034 lines as “PSTN Gateway” … has anybody this already done and can confirm it will work?

Here is a more explaining Image:

Any feedback is appreciated!

Hello Matthias,

It’s been awhile since we have seen the need for something like this, but it can be done. In the past we have had similar requirements for integrating an antiqued POTS only voicemail system, or the need for connectivity between a new PBX and an existing very old enterprise PBX via PRI circuits.

Ultimately it is completely do-able. The typical issues after getting the signaling/timing sources configured and the lines properly functioning between the systems is the dial-plan. Sometimes the CID also needs adjustment.

Alternatively, you could also use a PRI gateway to interface with the E1/T1/ISDN lines from the Brooktrout cards. That would remove the need for additional hardware in the Asterisk machine and keep everything SIP based.

If I recall correctly (it’s been a long, long time) those brook-trout cards are for faxing?