Asterisk/Dahdi with Euroradio Subset 037 (ETCS)

Hi everybody,

I am quite new to Asterisk and ran into a question, which I cannot seem to answer by myself.

So I have am using a custom hardware with four physical ISDN E1 PRI interfaces. I have written a dahdi driver in order to connect those interfaces with Asterisk via Dahdi. I have the dahdi channels configured and set up a very basic dialplan. So far it is running great, I can make test calls with a SIP phone, dahdi_tool shows me the correct line interface status and all is good.

Now the problem/question: Using Asterisk, my hardware needs to "communicate through X224 over an ISDN data connection as per Euroradio Subset 037. So somehow the data on the E1 lines needs to be transported in this specific ISDN format, which is part of the European Train Control System (ETCS). How can I do this? I am not sure about the ISDN capabilities of Asterisk and if there is any way to configure it in such a way. I also seem to be unable to find that out online.

So I hope somebody here might have some answers or hints. I would appreciate any input, which might be helpful to my question.

Best regards,

That sounds like a developer question, but this is an end user forum.

Also questions on DAHDI, in this forum, are normally redirected to the hardware vendor (who wouldn’t know the answer, in this case, as you seem to have written the device driver).

There is a a developer mailing list and a developer IRC channel, but no developer forum that I know of.

(My feeling is the question is so specialist that you may actually be the primary expert :frowning: .)

Thank you for the reply and please excuse my misuse of this forum. I have to admit, I did not read any forum guide or FAQ, before I posted. Shame on me.

I will probably give the mailing list or IRC a try, thanks again!

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