Asterisk 1.12-1.4 and Polycom BLF

I got some Polycom 601’s and 501’s and I had the BLFs working perfectly on 1.12 but after upgrading to Asterisk 1.4 I don’t see the status change messages come across the console. The lamps work if the phone is unregistered but do not work if the phone is just off hook (ie. someone is on a call) The Firmware on the phones is 1.6.7.

Any ideas?


I upgraded another system to 1.4 with GXP 2000’s and now the BLF’s are broke there too.

From what I understand, BLF setup on 1.4 is different than 1.2. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to 1.4 until you’ve tested it on a test system, just like anything else in the computer world.

I agree, but if anyone could enlighten me on where to find new documentation on how BLF works in 1.4 I would be forever grateful.

Working on it… It was discussed on the -Users mailing list and I just have to find it. I need to start testing 1.4 as well. IIRC, it has something to do with max calls or something.

For some reason, Gmail is acting up for me today, and I use it to archive the Users list, so I can’t get to that information.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

Help :smile:

You must use limitonpeers option and call-limit option for every type=friend that you have in sip.conf

Take a look at the sample config for 1.4 at

Also take a look at