BLF Issue Polycom 601 Asterisk 1.4

I have a few polycom 601 phones with the expansion module and I am having an issue with BLF. It originally was not working at all, after some searching I found that I needed to modify my sip.conf file to get it to work. So I modified my sip.conf with the following


That made the BLF work sort of. The only way the BLF will indicate that someone is on a call now is if the person recieved the call, not if they call out. Any ideas?

I am having the exact same issue with the same setup. Doesn’t seem like anyone knows how to do this…

It is stange, I watch the CLI from an SSH console and when I make a call it does not send the notify, however if I watch when some gets a call the notify goes out. I have been pulling my hair out on this one. So it is not sending the notify when the line is picked up which just gave me an idea. I will try and let you know if it goes well.

Good to hear I am not alone! I have spent 3 days now working on the buddy watch feature. I have a sidecar module as well, which is working… but all of it only works for incoming calls.

I should mention something for you to try on your system. All of our sip users are defined as “type=friend”, and I tried changing them to “type=peer”. This ended up fixing the hint issue, but broke our outgoing calls. I’m pretty sure that they need to be set to “type=friend”.

I’m almost ready to give up on this one… I think it is a bug with asterisk 1.4.5. I was just hoping there was a quick fix for it.

I found a post saying that the hints feature works properly in open source version 1.2, but not in 1.4.5. Also, speaking to some tech support they say that the latest business edition of asterisk doesn’t have this bug.

I might try to downgrade our open source server to 1.2, and upgrade our business edition server to the latest.

I set this up on a asterisk business edition server. It works perfectly fine. Must be a bug in opensource asterisk 1.4.5.

I have the same troubles with version 1.4.6. I can subscribe my SNOM360 as a watcher, but will not receive the status. Also the CLI will not give any status when i’m busy of unavailable for a hint.

core show hints is also broken. It shows an incorrect state. I spend 2 hours about it, but it doesn’t work. In 1.2 it was a peanut en works fine!

I hope they will solve it soon.

More people with the same issue. … ed-working

Add individual peer call-limit entries per extension, and that seems to fix it with me. On * 1.4.9, and have found the same from 1.4.5 onwards.

This is a pain with Freepbx, as it overwrites the sip_additional file every time you reload. I have had to get all my extensions sorted out and keep a backup of the file, and when I reload, overwrite sip_additional with the backup and then sip reload to pickup the peer call-limits.

Put this in sip.conf and/or users.conf if you use the GUI

subscribecontext = default
allowsubscribe = yes
notifyringing = yes
notifyhold = no
limitonpeers = yes
call-limit = 2
busylimit = 1

busylimit should do the trick!