Polycom expansion modules and BLF

Could use some information or help if anyone has knowledge of this topic.

I am relatively a newbie, however we are using version 1.4 and can’t seem to get the busy lamp fields (BLF) on a Polycom expansion module with a Polycom IP601 phone to work.

All extension that were loaded in the phone directory are showing on the expansion module but the status of each extension on the module is what is missing. So in other words, no lights or indication that the user listed on the module is on the phone, busy, away, etc…

Anyone have any knowledge of this?

Thanks and I appreicate any insight!

There are several things you must do in order to get “presence” to work with the Polycoms. You must enable it in your sip configuration file and you must enable the watch buddy on the directory entries you wish to watch.

That set aside it seems that Asterisk 1.4 broke BLf all together? I had everything working on two seperate 1.2 installations. One with GXP 2000’s and one with Polycom 601’s, now both installs BLF does not function.

I dunno…I just went back to 1.2

Same problem, worked in 1.2, not 1.4. Solution was to reinstall 1.2

i got blf working on 1.4 with snom 360 for sip users, so here we go:
in sip.conf
sybscribecontext=your context for subscribes
for EACH [sipuser]
cal-limit=x where x is 1 minimum.
so in extensions.conf
exten => 203,hint,SIP/203 not Sip but SIP,-- case sensitive
subscribe, and reboot the phone

for 1.2 or 1.4 you shouldnt need the call-limit. I remember the very first asterisk blf implementation used limits, it would light the blf if the channel was ‘full’ aka had hit its call limit. That is no longer needed and will disable call waiting or 3way calling on the phone.