Asterisk 1.6.x BLF halfway working

I have gone through tons of sites on the net working on trying to get BLF working so that secretaries can see their bosses are on the phone. May moons ago before I REALLY got into asterisk I messed around with some trixbox installations and was able to get it working there with at least two of the phones I’m testing with here. I’ve since seen the light and gone to pure asterisk but this is a feature I must be missing a step on. Currently I have Polycom IP-650’s, a Grandstream GXP-2010, and an Aastra 9480i, and a Cisco 7960 in my test lab. The Aastra and Grandstream I have been able to make work on other installs so I know they have the functionality and the Polycom should too. I don’t think the cisco will though… In any case, with what I have now I can see the hints if I do “core show hints” and it will tell me if the “State:” is Unavailable or Idle. If the state is unavailable the Polycoms will flash red LED next to that line, the grandstream just has all green lights on the BLF keys I’ve defined and no lights on the others, and the Aastra will show the ones that are idle as a little phone symbol and the ones that are unavailable as a “?” When I make a call to one of the phones the state does not change. I have tried having my hints in both the “users” context (where my extensions are) or in a separate context “hints.” When I had them in “hints” I also put a “subscribecontext=hints” in the sip.conf file under each user. What am I missing?

I too am having issues with the Grandstream GXP-2010 units. I have the BLF working for the extension receiving the call but the callers extension never generates a notify when it makes a call. When you call to the same extension. I think a developer may have broken the BLF with some of the updates. If I downgrade to then the BLF starts working.
I have posted on the Dev E-Mail Group and gotten no reponses as of yet, but I have very little solid test data. I really need to get some traction on this. If you like give me a call, and maybe we can help each other. 616-855-1030 Ext. 2003 If not in the US respond and we can connect some other way

Bryant (zktech)

its not really the same but i got the BLF to work on our linksys spa’s by including hints into each context.

It turns out what I was missing was a “call-limit” statement in the sip.conf file for each of the extensions I created hints for. I added that “call-limit=4” in my case and reloaded chan_sip and all of a sudden everything’s happy

edit: I don’t remember having to do that on older versions but I could have just forgotten…