Blf not working asterisk 1.4.13

hi forum , I making that blf works with asterisk 1.4.13 but it doesn’t still work
me, I have a gandstream GXP 2000 and 6 extensions to which I want monitor , the telephone puts me the 6 extensions with green lights, but when the extensions are busy they don’t change light indicating that they are speaking, neither they blink

my sip.conf

allowsubscribe= yes
subscribecontext= cyber
notifyringing= yes
limitonpeers= yes
call-limit= 2
busylimit= 1


exten => 110,1,Macro(inter,SIP/110)
exten => 111,hint,SIP/111
exten => 111,1,Macro(inter,SIP/111/Lucy)
exten => 112,1,Macro(inter,SIP/112)
exten => 113,1,Macro(inter,SIP/113)
exten => 116,hint,SIP/116
exten => 116,1,Macro(inter,SIP/116)
exten => 105,hint,SIP/105
exten => 105,1,Macro(inter,SIP/105)

thank you for the possible help?


the problem was call-limit not defined in my sip.conf

i have same problem. can i see your config that works now please?

my configuration is the one of up, but in each account sip that you want to see the state, you add the call-limit = 1