No application 'AgentLogin' for extension

hi guys,

unfortunatley I’m stuck while setting up a Call-Center queue.

[quote]No application ‘AgentLogin’ for extension (default, 108, 1)

this is really annoying.
then i reload the module app_agent_pool, which i think is the module responsible for agentlogin, it failed, and tells me the following:

[quote]module load app_agent_pool
Unable to load module app_agent_pool
Command ‘module load app_agent_pool’ failed.
[Mar 21 00:42:45] ERROR[53935]: config_options.c:471 process_category: Could not find config type for category ‘agents’ in ‘agents.conf’
[Mar 21 00:42:45] ERROR[53935]: app_agent_pool.c:2659 load_module: Unable to load config. Not loading module.

actually this is my agent.conf file:





agent => 007,12345,jeremy wang
agent => 008,12345,dai guoxiong
agent => 009,12345,dai2 guoxiong[/code]

i didn’t see any faults above, and try my best to make it right.

also the queue.conf file, i checked it again and again:


music = default
strategy = ringall
min-announce-frequency = 15

announce-holdtime = once
announce-position = more
announce-to-first-user = no
announce-position-limit = 10

member =>Agent/007
member =>Agent/008
member =>Agent/009[/code]

i don’t know which place wrong, is there any one can help


Use AddQueueMember instead AgentLogin

This was super annoying to track down.

chan_agent was removed in Asterisk 12 and replaced with app_agent_pool

The format of the agents.conf file has changed

Set debug to a high value to troubleshoot further, but once I used the new agent configuration format, the module loads.

This is a problem we ran into when using QueueMetrics configuration sync as it relies on the Agents command to exist even if you are logging in agents with AddQueueMember.


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