Asterisk dialplan reload command error

I did dialplan reload in the CLI and I get the error “”

No such command ‘dialplan reload’ (type ‘core show help dialplan reload’ for other possible commands)

Which Asterisk version? if its <1.6 try with extensions reload.

I am using Asterisk 13.13.1

Are your modules correctly loaded? see which modlues load at startup and checking the modules.conf file.

This is my modules.conf file

; If you want Asterisk to fail if a module does not load, then use
; the “require” keyword. Asterisk will exit with a status code of 2
; if a required module does not load.
; require =
; If you want you can combine with preload
; preload-require =
; If you want, load the GTK console right away.
noload =>
;load =>
load =>
; Load one of: chan_oss, alsa, or console (portaudio).
; By default, load chan_oss only (automatically).
noload =>
;noload =>
noload =>

Does the command config reload /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf is the same thing as dialplan reload cos I can’t get the dialplan reload to work. I am always getting the error "No such command " error

What is the output of “module show” on the CLI?

This is the output I get Dialing Application 0 Running core Adaptive ODBC CDR backend 0 Running core ODBC CDR Backend 0 Running extended ODBC CEL backend 0 Running core Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) 0 Running core g729 Coder/Decoder, based on Intel IPP 0 Running unknown Dialgroup dialplan function 0 Running core Dialplan Context/Extension/Priority Chec 0 Running core ODBC lookups 0 Running core Realtime ODBC configuration 0 Running core ODBC resource 0 Running core ODBC transaction resource 0 Running core Call Parking Resource 0 Running core
13 modules loaded

It appears that you are not loading the module that contains that particular CLI command. What does the following give you:

module show like

If you see “0 modules loaded” then it has not been loaded. If you don’t specify the module to load in the modules.conf file then it will not be loaded. You can also try to load the module manually using:

module load

However, I suspect many modules you’ll need are not being loaded. A quick way to load all modules found beneath the Asterisk’s modules directory is by including “autoload=yes” in your modules.conf.

For more information see the following links for how to configure the module loader:

and how to troubleshoot it:

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@kharwell, Thank you very much. After loading The command dialplan reload now works. Also I will do as you said by adding autoload =yes to modules.conf file

Ohh I found that Autoload has already been set to yes in the modules.conf file

After reloading modules.conf file. Now 240 modules are loaded. Thank you everyone for helping me out.

Just a side note: “autoload” may or may not be what your setup needs in the long run. It mainly depends on how you like to manage your system. It’s perfectly acceptable to load only those modules you need/want without using “autoload”.

Some alternatives ways of only loading those modules you need/want (if you are interested):

  • Use the “load” option in modules.conf to load only those modules you require.
  • autoload all modules and then use the “noload” option in modules.conf to load only those modules you require.
  • Select only those modules in menuselect that you require and autoload them

You are spot on @kharwell. I will stick to your advice from now on. Also @jcolp I am always grateful and down to heart for always showing up to assist me. Thank you so much.

And also this community with outstanding individuals is the best support platform I have been part of. I am proud to be a member at least a [disturbing] member.

Thank you all

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