CLI commands don't work when manually launching asterisk?

I may be posting ahead of myself here…but it seems when I have asterisk load at boot up everything is fine, but if instead I dont’ set it to load as a service at boot, and launch it by typing asterisk -vvvvvc when i get to the CLI if I were to type a command like “dialplan reload” I get “no such command exists”.

Is there another switch I’m missing or a config file? I would love to be able to load and unload this thing at will while I’m learning but it doesn’t seem to behave the same.


I’d suggest that it failed to load the modules from its modules directory. permission problem?

what does “help” give you.

Thanks for the quick reply…actually permissions are fine on everything…it seems it needed a dialplan before it would let me relaod a dialplan :->.

the error message is a little ambiguous, but basically I did :

touch sip.conf
touch extensions.conf

then when I loaded asterisk(asterisk -vvvvvc) I could reload my non-existant dialplan :->.

Long and short of it all I’m attempting to manually create or copy the sample files one at a time so that I can see what errors get thrown when somethign is missing…hoping to learn a little more…I’m better at learning via problem solving rather than reading configs :->…just figured it would show more like “no extensions.conf found” rather than “no command”.

Thanks again!