Newbie Setup

We will be moving to asterisk in the next couple of months. I’ve got the server setup and I need some help in what digium cards to get.

We have 7 lines we need to bring in. They are Analog lines. They currently go into our digital phone system.
We also have 2 paging systems. One for in the office and one for the shop. Currently using Valcom v2003ahf for the paging. I belive I need.

3 tdm400p with

  • 7 FXO ports
  • 2 fxs ports for paging. (not sure)



FXO means Foreign Exchange Office, which is the interface of a telephone.
Thats what you need to connect you asterisk pbx to the PSTN.

fxs is what you need if you want to connect analoge phones. But i asume your are going fot voip-phones.