I’ve upgraded Asterisk from 1.8.3 to (tried first) . Now, I experience these problems:

  1. config reload /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
    No such module ‘pbx_config’
  2. core stop gracefully
    No such command ‘core stop gracefully’ (type ‘core show help core stop gracefully’ for other possible commands)
  3. Incoming callers don’t hear the ringing tone (I do answer follow by dial).

Downgrading fixes the issues so it is not a change in my config files. I’ve looked at the ChangeLog but I don’t see anything that would require change to my config files in (unless I missed something).
I’ve verified that pbx_config.so is in module directory and it has all the dependencies. I use module auto loading.
My system is 64bit Slackware 13.37.
Anybody else has such issues? After my failures, I compiled and downgraded to that. I have no issues with that versions.

I have just tested and I cannot duplicate any of these three issues.

Perhaps you have some old modules in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules?

Try removing them:

rm -rf /usr/lib/asterisk/modules*

Then re-installing


I cannot be of help, but just so you don’t feel alone: I had similar issues with 1.8.4; “core show version” was not available, and the dialplan failed because there was no application Gosub. I reverted to and now all is ok again. I thought it was probably a build issue, but I didn’t have time to investigate.


Thanks! Removing /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules helped to narrow down the problem. It was G729 binary module that was causing the problem. I downloaded a newer one from Digium website and now is working fine.
It is interested how the whole system became unstable as a result of one older module.

Interesting - thanks for working it out! I have the g729 module installed, so it was probably the same problem. I’ll try again in a couple of weeks.