Problems with Asterisk 1.6.x upgrade

Hi all ,
I have recently upgraded my asterisk box from 1.4 to 1.6.When I try to run it it says segmentation fault at more than one conf files.I am running it on Fedora Corec 6.Can some one help in fixing it.


Are you using a specific distro or you’ve build your asterisk from source?

Try to move your modules temporally away (/var/lib/asterisk/modules/ ?)

install again /just to check you dont have any modules from previous installation/

I have used the distro and even tried with they have the same problem

A likely cause of this is failing to remove all the old modules from the modules directory.

Otherwise, you need to follow the procedures for reporting crash bugs on In particular, you need to build with the NOOPTIMISE compile option, enable core dumps, and produce the relevant gdb backtrace output.