Ztdummy compiles but doesn't work

So I’m trying to get ztdummy working so I can use meetme for conferencing once again. I can compile it, install it, and modprobe zaptel and ztdummy with no errors. However, when I go to run asterisk it gives the error:

ERROR[3009]: asterisk.c:2982 main: Asterisk has detected a problem with your Zaptel configuration and will shutdown for your protection.  You have options:
        1. You only have to compile Zaptel support into Asterisk if you need it.  One option is to recompile without Zaptel support.
        2. You only have to load Zaptel drivers if you want to take advantage of Zaptel services.  One option is to unload zaptel modules if you don't need them.
        3. If you need Zaptel services, you must correctly configure Zaptel.

When I do lsmod I see both properly loaded. Interesting though is when I do a zttest it runs forever and when I cancel it I get this result:

Opened pseudo zap interface, measuring accuracy...

--- Results after 0 passes ---
Best: 0.000 -- Worst: 100.000 -- Average: 100.000000, Difference: 100.000000

I’m running the latest version of asterisk 1.4 and the latest zaptel. This is on opensuse 10.2 64 bit.

Any thoughts?