Zaptel timing with IAX and MeetMe


I’m having trouble getting timing to work in Asterisk 1.4 on Fedora Core 5 kernel 2.6. I have no Digium hardware and am wanting to use ztdummy.

I have sucessfully compiled and installed the Zaptel drivers. lsmod produces:
ztdummy 4264 0
zaptel 203300 1 ztdummy
crc_ccitt 2241 1 zaptel

The zttest program also works.

I compiled zaptel 1.4.0, libpri 1.4.0 and asterisk 1.4.0 in the following order:

make clean
make linux26
make install

make clean
make install

make clean
make install

It would appear that when I am building asterisk it is not recognising that ztdummy exists as it does not compile and install MeetMe and I get the following error relating to my IAX trunk when I run asterisk:
WARNING[13349]: chan_iax2.c:8546 build_user: Unable to support trunking on user ‘3311’ without zaptel timing

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Mark.

Try recompiling asterisk specifying

./configure --with-zaptel=PATH

where path is where your zaptel sources are located. Then make as usual.

I am also having this problem compiling Asterisk 1.4.0 with ztdummy. Zaptel appears to install correctly, modprobe ztdummy does not complain, and lsmod shows ztdummy and zaptel.

Asterisk is compiling and installing without ever compiling app_meetme.c

I am using Fedora Core 4 in a vmware player image. How does Asterisk try to detect zaptel? Is there somewhere I can look to see what it is trying to find?