ZAPTEL Config for TE407P

Hello everyone! I am hoping you can help, I have Redhat linux enterprise and I am trying to make a conference bridge server on it. I am using the Digium TE407P board, but I do not know which driver to use with it.

Thanks in advance for your help :confused:

wct4xxp.ko i should think

I can not get that one load using modprobe.

what error message do you get ? what’s the output of dmesg ? what zaptel version are you running ?

I am using zaptel-, asterisk-, and libpri-1.2.3 on Linux version 2.4.21-4.EL. As far as I can tell there are no errors when I do the make and make install. Here is the make install:
[i][root@localhost zaptel-]# make install
ZAPTELVERSION=“” build_tools/make_version_h > version.h.tmp
if cmp -s version.h.tmp version.h ; then echo; else
mv version.h.tmp version.h ;

rm -f version.h.tmp
mkdir -p /dev/zap
rm -f /dev/zap/ctl
rm -f /dev/zap/channel
rm -f /dev/zap/pseudo
rm -f /dev/zap/timer
rm -f /dev/zap/253
rm -f /dev/zap/252
rm -f /dev/zap/251
rm -f /dev/zap/250
mknod /dev/zap/ctl c 196 0
mknod /dev/zap/timer c 196 253
mknod /dev/zap/channel c 196 254
mknod /dev/zap/pseudo c 196 255
while [ $N -lt 250 ]; do
rm -f /dev/zap/$N;
mknod /dev/zap/$N c 196 $N;
Not installing firmware because we are not using hotplug firmware
install -D -m 755 ztcfg /sbin/ztcfg
if [ -f sethdlc-new ]; then
install -D -m 755 sethdlc-new /sbin/sethdlc;
elif [ -f sethdlc ]; then
install -D -m 755 sethdlc /sbin/sethdlc ;
if [ -f zttool ]; then install -D -m 755 zttool /sbin/zttool; fi
for x in zaptel.o tor2.o torisa.o wcusb.o wcfxo.o wctdm.o wctdm24xxp.o ztdynamic.o ztd-eth.o wct1xxp.o wcte11xp.o pciradio.o ztd-loc.o; do
install -D -m 644 $x /lib/modules/2.4.21-4.EL/misc/$x ;
if ! [ -f wcfxsusb.o ]; then
rm -f /lib/modules/2.4.21-4.EL/misc/wcfxsusb.o;
rm -f /lib/modules/2.4.21-4.EL/misc/wcfxs.o
install -D -m 755 /usr/lib/
[ id -u = 0 ] && /sbin/ldconfig || :
rm -f /usr/lib/
ln -sf
ln -sf
if [ -x /usr/sbin/sestatus ] && (/usr/sbin/sestatus | grep “SELinux status:” | grep -q “enabled”) ; then restorecon -v /usr/lib/; fi
install -D -m 644 zaptel.h /usr/include/linux/zaptel.h
install -D -m 644 torisa.h /usr/include/linux/torisa.h
install -D -m 644 tonezone.h /usr/include/tonezone.h
install -m 644 doc/ztcfg.8 /usr/share/man/man8
install -m 644 doc/zttool.8 /usr/share/man/man8
[ id -u = 0 ] && /sbin/depmod -a 2.4.21-4.EL || :
[ -f /etc/zaptel.conf ] || install -D -m 644 zaptel.conf.sample /etc/zaptel.conf
build_tools/genmodconf linux24 “” "tor2 torisa wcusb wcfxo wctdm wctdm24xxp ztdynamic ztd-eth wct1xxp wcte11xp pciradio ztd-loc"
Building /etc/modules.conf…
[root@localhost zaptel-]#[/i]

And here is what I get when I do the modprobe:

[root@localhost zaptel-]# /sbin/modprobe wct4xxp
modprobe: Can’t locate module wct4xxp
[root@localhost zaptel-]#

ok, it would appear that the Makefile misses out the wct4xxp directory when installing. can you copy the wct4xxp.ko module to your /lib/modules//extra/ directory and run depmod. then try loading it again.

edit: scratch that … there’s a wct4xxp directory in the misc directory … can you load it from there ?

edit2: things seem to be different with the latest 1.2 Zaptel tarball. on my install i have the wct4xxp module in the /lib/modules//misc directory. now i’m getting confused !!

[root@localhost zaptel-]# cd wct4xxp
[root@localhost wct4xxp]# /sbin/modprobe wct4xxp
modprobe: Can’t locate module wct4xxp
[root@localhost wct4xxp]# ls
base.c fw2h.c OCT6114-128D.ima vpm450m_fw.h wct4xxp-diag.c
base.o Kbuild test_vpm450m vpm450m.h wct4xxp.h
fw2h Makefile vpm450m.c vpm450m.o wct4xxp.o
[root@localhost wct4xxp]#

What version are you running? Maybe I should try that one.

unless it’s the fact that you’re running a 2.4 kernel that’s causing problems. don’t have time to go through the makefile now … are you getting a compiled wct4xxp module in the /usr/src/zaptel/wct4xxp/ directory ?

no. Here is what is in the /lib/modules/2.4.21-4.EL/misc dir

[root@localhost misc]# ls
pciradio.o wcfxo.o wctdm.o zaptel.o ztdynamic.o
tor2.o wct1xxp.o wcte11xp.o ztd-eth.o
torisa.o wctdm24xxp.o wcusb.o ztd-loc.o
[root@localhost misc]#