XMPP Status and Send Commands

Now that res_jabber.so no longer exist and has been replaced by res_xmpp.so I need to update my dialplan that used to use the old Jabber commands. e.g:


Can anyone point me to any documentation for the replacement commands for JabberStatus and JabberSend and the corect syntax via res_xmpp.so please?

You need to do: Nothing.

Loaded res_xmpp.so == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/xmpp.conf': Found == Manager registered action JabberSend == Registered application 'JabberSend' == Registered application 'JabberSendGroup' == Registered application 'JabberStatus' == Registered application 'JabberJoin' == Registered application 'JabberLeave' == Registered custom function 'JABBER_STATUS' == Registered custom function 'JABBER_RECEIVE' -- Message technology handler 'xmpp' registered.

As the documentation (wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … sterisk+11) says:


This module has been deprecated in favor of the res_xmpp module. The res_xmpp module is backwards compatible with the res_jabber configuration file, dialplan functions, and AMI actions. The old CLI commands can also be made available using the res_clialiases template for Asterisk 11.[/quote]

It’s always a good idea to read the upgrade instructions when installing a new major version …

Thanks guys, thats kind of what I thought after reading up on this however since I switched from res_jabber.so to res_xmpp.so and the corresponding changover of jabber.conf to xmpp.conf. I see a connection established by xmpp.conf but my original macros using JabberStatus and JabberSend do not work.
I still see the following in Asterisk CLI:

I assumed there are some other change I needed to take care of?

I think I’ve fixed up my syntax error now. The only CLI error I’ms seeing is the following:

I’m running a Prosody XMPP server so I guess the registered user using the JabberSend command does not have any value set for “Resource”.

Anyone know how I set I set this in Prosody OR XMPP.CONF for this user?