Jabber Module problem

I’m currently running Asterisk 11.5.1 with FreePBX and I have noticed that by Jabber connection suddenly stopped working. None of the jabber CLI commands work e.g. “jabber reload”, “jabber show connections” etc. Additionally I have noticed that res_jabber.so is missing from the /usr/lib/asterisk/modules directory. I have uploaded a fresh res_jabber.so file and given it the right permissions but I still cant get the jabber connection to work. Anyone have any idea on how I get this working please?

res_jabber is not available anymore in Asterisk 11.x. You have to use res_xmpp instead.

BTW: “Re-Use” of an old dynamik library (res_jabber.so in this case) is never a good idea …

For details check the upgrade notes for Asterisk 11 e.g. here wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … sterisk+11

Thanks for this. I have now added my xmpp configuration to xmpp.conf however I dont seem to be able to load the res_xmpp.so module by adding

to the modules.conf file.

I can load res_xmpp.so from the Asterisk CLI using the following:

module load res_xmpp.so

Can anyone tell me how I load res_xmpp.so in modules.conf

??? Why would You think that asterisk will load a module if You tell asterisk to noload it it modules.conf ???

In normal cases wher You have autoload=yes in Your modules.conf (default behaviour) You would not need to care about loading a specific module as it gets autoloaded - except You tell asterisk in modules.conf noload => modulename

Well that makes perfect sense, I was just following an old Wiki for res_jabber.so
I do have autoload=yes so I guess that means all modules will load unless you specifically include a module as noload.

My only problem now is that res_xmpp.so isn’t autoloading even when I remove the noload line in modules.conf

OK must have been finger trouble my end. xmpp module is autoloading now and working fine in place of res_jabber.so

Many thanks for taking the time out to help me with this.