Asterisk 11.12.0 JabberSend not working from Manger Interfac


in Asterisk 1.8 using perl Asterisk::Manager I was able to send chat message to Xmpp client as follows

my %resp = $astman->sendcommand( Action => ‘JabberSend’,
Jabber => ‘gtalk_account’,
ScreenName => $username,
Message => $msg

After upgrading to asterisk11.12.0 jabberSend is not working.
However jabberSend in dial plan works

exten => s,1, JabberSend(gtalk_account,,“HELLo”)

I tired the as follows:(not working)

my %resp = $astman->sendcommand( Action => ‘MessageSend’,
To => “xmpp:$username”,
From => ‘xmpp:gtalk_account’,
Body64Body => “Hello”,
Variable => “MESSAGE=HELLo”,

Now created context and using originate Action, able to send message to talk

created a dial plan as follows (extensions_custom.conf)

exten => 4345,1,NoOp(${MSG_BODY})
exten => 4345,n, JabberSend(gtalk_account,${USER_NAME},${MSG_BODY})
exten => 4345,n,Hangup()

@origi = $astman->sendcommand(
Action=> ‘Originate’,
Channel => “Local/4345”.’@JabberSendMsg’,
Context=> ‘JabberSendMsg’,
Exten => ‘4345’,
Priority=> 1,
#Timeout => 30000,
#Callerid=> $dst,
Variable => “MSG_BODY=$msg|USER_NAME=$user”,

I know the above way is not good .

Please let me know How I can use JabberSend or MessageSend from manager interface to send MSG to xmpp client.

Thanks in advance.


this is fixed

in xmpp.conf the gtalk_account was renamed accidentally gmail_account. so fixed the gtalk_account in xmpp.conf and it works now