X101P Freaks Out

I’m running FreeBSD with *-1.2.13, zaptel-1.0

I installed an X101P and finally got it configured. But there’s a catch. When I kldload all the zt… stuff the card shows up fine and zttool shows the card is there with no Red Alarm. I can make a call to the * server from one of my other lines and it will answer…take a message, let me join a conference room…all is well. But then I hangup and sometimes the card doesn’t hangup. Other times there is a loud buzzing sound that comes through the phone I’m calling on.

I can stop * and unload the zt… stuff then restart everything and it will work okay again for one, maybe two calls. Then it craps out again.

Can anyone offer some advice on what I should try next?

I have a generic X101P and have found it to be picky with hardware. Try removing other cards on the PCI and see if this resolves anything. I had to remove a second Nic before i could keep the card from freezing.