[HELP] X100P Card Not Working?

I have an X100P card. It seems to configure correctly. When I view it using zttool, I see it change from “RED” to “OK” when I connect a PSTN line. I don’t get dialtone on the pass-through side of the card. Asterisk never answers a ringing line connected to it.

Does it sound like I have a bad X100P? Are there any tools I can use to monitor the channel on the card? (I’m an * noobie, so be gentle). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Do you have a real X100P? If not get a ATA or something worthwhile.

I just bought an X100P card too and it seems to actually be an X101P. Oh well, that’s cool…but it doesn’t work and appears to be defective. The seller has offered to exchange it or refund my money to return it. These cards are notorius for not being workable in every system. I only gave $30 for this card including $11 for shipping so I thought why not take the chance. But alas, it looks like you get what you pay for so I will be sending mine back and saving up for a real card for later.


Mine appears to be a real X100P in the zttool screen. Would it say something different if it was a clone?