Call Waiting w/X101P

Asterisk-1.2.13, zaptel-bsd on FreeBSD-6.1 w/X101P

I have my pots line plugged into the X101P and that works okay. Sometimes it freaks out but since I built a faster machine and have only the X101P card plugged in it’s better. But I have noticed that when I’m on the regular POTS line from another phone in the house, not plugged into the Phone side of the X101P, if a 2nd call comes in I do not get a “beep” indicating call waiting. What’s worse is that * will answer. The call does not get answered, * just starts playing the welcome message I use to answer all calls. The callee and I hear the whole message and then I can push # to stop the call. However, * keeps the line open because when I do hang up the regular POTS call, my phone will ring just like when I hangup on the first call of a call waiting session to indicate that the other line is still open.

Anyone have any experience with this?