X-Lite 3.0 rocks!

The guys over at CounterPath (used to be Xten) have finally re-released X-Lite. Its been a long time coming but it rocks! Anybody wanting the best softphone for Asterisk should get a copy.


if only it supported transfers via the GUI…that is the only feature we need for our call center.

but i agree, it’s a VERY nice phone otherwise, and has several features lacking in eyebeam (older version, not the new 1.5 - we haven’t really tested that one too much).

Hello all,
I am new in Asterisk.
I downloaded X-Lite 3.0 and tried it, its giving me the following message,
“Registeration Error :408 - Request timeout”

Any help please?

It means that it cannot find the Asterisk server to register with.
Make sure that Asterisk server is reachable and the SIP (or IAX) ports are open on the firewall.


We just tried this out and it works great. It is, however, not very “lite” sitting at ~6mb and visually its pretty large. Though, I do like how you can hide it and just use the little pop up notification for answering calls.

I had tried it and find it to be great, but unlike version 2.0 one has to manually configure the voicemail on it. The manual has not been of much help on this, can someone let me know what to do about the voicemail aspect of x-lite 3.0?