More X-Lite Woes

Okay, I went through this setup a few weeks ago and through the great advice from this forum I got my remote X-Lite phone at my office all set. I can contact my * box at my residence with it, listen in on conference rooms, moh, make LD calls through my PSTN provider, the whole nine yards. Got all the right ports opened on my firewall and port forwarding stuff as my * box is behind NAT and so is the X-Lite phone at my office. This works great.

So tonight I setup a friend of mine in another state with X-Lite. Set his up the same way as I did my office. Double and triple checked that everything was setup the same way…but no go. He is just your average Internet user with a cable modem and WinXP using McAfee firewall. We turned off his firewall and I tuned off mine. No go. Couldn’t register. When my firewall was back on I did not log any packets being denied from him. So I assume he is not getting out at all. Is it possible that his ISP is blocking ports 5060-5082 or 8000-20000 in an effort to discourage private VOIP?

He just setup a Vonage account and he got that working out of the box. This guy is not very computer literate so that he got it working right away shows the ease of use that Vonage offers and that at least something works.

We then setup a FWDNET account for him and I had him call my FWDNET number. My * box logs in to FWDNET via iax2. The call came through to my IP phone on my LAN and I could hear him just fine but he could not hear me. The only message on the CLI was this and I can’t be sure it happened during the call but it happened right around the time he called me.

chan_iax2.c:7570 socket_read: Received mini frame before first full voice frame

I have made and received several FWDNET calls with my * box. The calls were clear and crisp, not a problem at all. Both parties could hear audio just fine. But tonight he could not hear me on his end. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.