Wrapup Time Per Member

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Is there any way to set Wrapup time for a Member in Queue ?

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Looks like it

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But there any way to skip Wrapup time that had been set globaly for Queue ?

is should work like this .
if no Wrapup was set to member it uses the queue Wrapup time
if member is set it should override the Wrapup time defined in queue

Do you know location of Wrapup time counter ? like how this work internaly , I am trying to let the memebr skip this wrapup time without relogin again to the queue .

Asterisk is open source, so the code for this is freely viewable, and easy to find. There isn’t a wrapup time counter. What is actually stored is the end time of the last call and the remaining wrapup time is calculated from that and the allowance:

The last call time is stored in the member data structure:

You can clear this for all members in the queue, which will cancel all the wrapup times until the respective member next completes a call, but not for an individual member. That is done by clearing the queue statistics.

What is the real world problem you are trying to solve?


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Thank you david for this great calrification ,my struggle here that I am trying to do something to let the member skip the wrapup time that had been defiend globaly per queue and this only for the member not for the whole queue .

I think the only way to selectively clear the last call time is to delete and re-add the member.

If it is normal to release a member early from wrap up, it might be better to pause them when they accept a call. You could do that from a queue answer gosub.

I’m not convinced that many peole actual use wrapup time.

how would you unpause after a certain amount of time ?

If it’s normal to end wrap up early, you wouldn’t do it automatically.l

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