Queue wrapuptime not working?

The wrapuptime for my queue is not working even though it is set in queues.conf. I have a static agent queue setup using agentcallbacklogin.

Any Ideas?

fullname = CSEVENTQ2
strategy = rrmemory
timeout = 11
wrapuptime = 60
autofill = yes
autopause = yes
ringinuse = no
joinempty = strict
leavewhenempty = yes
reportholdtime = no
maxlen = 0
musicclass = default
member = Agent/2214
member = Agent/2221
member = Agent/2226
member = Agent/2213
member = Agent/2229
member = Agent/2225
member = Agent/2218
member = Agent/2228
member = Agent/2208
member = Agent/2224
context = QueueExit
periodic-announce = InQueue
periodic-announce-frequency = 40

exten = 330,1,Answer
exten = 330,2,GotoIfTime(0:00-8:30|sat||?default,3670,1)
exten = 330,3,GotoIfTime(17:30-23:59|sat||?default,3670,1)
exten = 330,4,GotoIfTime(21:00-23:59|fri||?default,3670,1)
exten = 330,5,GotoIfTime(0:00-8:30|sun||?default,3670,1)
exten = 330,6,GotoIfTime(17:30-21:00|sun||?default,3670,1)
exten = 330,7,Set(CALLERID(name)=CS Event Queue)
exten = 330,8,Background(record/PleaseWait3final)
exten = 330,9,Queue(670001|t|||60)
exten = 330,10,Queue(670002|t|||300)
exten = 330,11,Queue(670003|t|||60)
exten = 330,12,Queue(670004|t|||60)
exten = 330,13,Goto(CSEvent|330|9)

Strangely, I have a test queue in which wrap up time is working with exactly the same options in queues.conf. My reps are starting to get pissed at me!

Im assuming wrap up time is in seconds? at least in queue.conf but in agents.conf it says ms? I am going to try and set it in agents.conf and see what happens…

I’ve the same issue, which version of asterisk did you use?