Windows geek needs help setting up linux

I am a windows user and very unconfortable in linux. I just cant wrap my head around it. Anyway, I have attempted to set up asterisknow 1.5 and two Linksys spa962 phones. I have followed many different instructions and videos online with no success. The phones never seem register. I am almost to the point of chucking the the Digium card (I believe its a 410, it has 2 fxo boards) and installing 3CX. This setup process has just about brought me to tears. Are there any tutorials geared to non linux clowns like myself? You know heavy on the GUI light on the conf editing. All I am trying to do at this point is get the two phones to talk to each other. Oh yeah, I am using FreePBX.
I appretiate any help you can throw my way.

Honestly, I don’t have an answer for you; however, it does hurt to offer some advices here since you are an Asterisk newbie.

If you really want to learn how to configure/manage/operate an Asterisk PBX system, stay away from any Asterisk GUI system that conceals the operators from lots of power an Asterisk PBX system can offer. Instead, get a plain vanilla Asterisk PBX system and read this free Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, 2nd Edition e-book. At least, this was the e-book I had read to learn how to configure/manage/operate my plain vanilla Asterisk PBX system, hosted on a mediocre FON2100 device. Having a plain vanilla Asterisk PBX system hosted on a Linux embedded system, not only will save me the operational costs, but also consumes less space and emites no noise. At least, these are the immediate benefits of having a plain vanilla Asterisk PBX system that I have enjoyed.