Total Newbie here Trying to make a PBX looking for direction

Hello All

I’m a newbie very little experience, I’m running an NEC PBX IPKII and I think it’s time for an upgrade.

I have about 20 users here, we use POTS lines and about 3 voip lines from

I am exploring options on making my own PBX box using asterisk but I’m having a hard time finding any guides in how to.

I was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction.

My goal is to have an in house PBX box with 10 extension (all SIP) and about 20 extensions with VM

Thank You,

You might want to look into a PBX solution, which integrates Asterisk. After I failed with FreePBX miserably, I found Wazo (, which is open source and has a GUI as well as a very thought out and functional API to extend the functionality of both Wazo itself and Asterisk. Never turning back

Have just posted this after seeing your topic, i’ve been doing a series of video tutorials based on asterisk 16 whilst setting up a project from scratch, hope gives you some assistance:

That’s great thanks you, I appreciate the help.

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Thank you for the advice i’ll look into this, it may be a better option for me since I have no experience with phone service.

Thank You trying to gather all my research before I decide to move forward.

I do have some quick questions.

If I build my own PBX system can I use a standard PC? Does this PC require specific hardware? If I run POTS lines what type of cards would I need to accommodate this?

On the phone side the desk phones, do they connect via cat5 currently mine are running on cat11.

Also since the offices at my company only have ONE Cat 5 outlet available for a computer would I have to use a switch in every office to add a 2nd port for the phone? Do they make these phones wireless running WIFI? are these good options?

Many VoIP phones have a second network port on the back of the phone, that can be used to provide network connectivity to a computer. That way, both the phone and the computer can use a single CAT5 jack on the wall.

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