HELP ! please!

I’m a new asterisk user… but it’s hard now for me to understand how i can configure my PC with Asterisk PBX.
Can anyone help me ???
I’m going to buy a DIGIUM card with 2 FXO and 2 FXS.
I have 2 pstn lines (they go into the 2 fxo ports),
and i have 2 standard phones with fax , that i can connect with 2 fxs digium ports.
I have to make my fax/phones send/receive calls and send/receive faxes.

How can i configure my extensions.conf and my zapata.conf ?

thank you :blush:

For a turnkey install (Linux, Asterisk, auto-hardware detect, web management interface) try:


It’ll simplify your life and is a great way for a new user to get to understand Asterisk without having to delve into the nitty gritty specifics right away.