Asterisk Project

Hey all, I am a student going to Devry, I am doing my senior project on creating an Asterisk PBX. I was just looking to see if any of you guys with experience could give me some pointers. Dos and Donts that sorta stuff.

We are going to be install asterisk 1.2 since 1.4 is still in beta and from what I have been reading can be trouble some.

I have the Asterisk book (Asterisk - the future of Telephony) in pdf form. I have basically read to just past the installation of the packages.

What we are going to be doing is have a single PBX machine and about 6 cisco phones or so running through a cisco POE switch. So we are going to try and go pure VoIP. Also I’m running Fedora 6.

Do you all know of any nice how to guide for 1.2??

thanks all

the pdf file you have will probably be as good a place to start as any. there are plenty of posters here who have got their 1.2 system up and running with that book alone.

next stop would be the wiki at … loads of hints, tips, dialplan examples etc etc.

for the value-add stuff, try . while they tend to be TrixBox/A@H based, most can be modified/interpreted for non-GUI/FreePBX use.

if you need to ask specific questions here, make sure you post the relevant sections from your config files, or at least details of what you’ve tried.