Which version of Linux to use

I’m new to Asterisk, and have a basic question which I do hope somebody will be able to help me with. I need to know if there is any preferred version of Linux for Asterisk. I was intending to use SUSE Linux. Is this the best version to use? Are there any known problems with SUSE? Can anybody suggest a better alternative?

please do a search this has been answered about 100 times but I’ll answer anyway

I use CentOS (RedHat clone), the new version of AsteriskNOW uses CentOS, Asterisk Business Edition is “certified” to run on varios editions of RedHat, I was told in the past that Digium uses Redhat internally for development and testing.

Now take all of that with a grain of salt, Asterisk has probably been successfully installed on just about every flavor of *nix so go ahead and use whatever you are most comfortable with.

CentOS is what I use on all my Asterisk environments. I recommend it to anyone trying Asterisk for the fist time.