What linux distribution is the best for Asterisk?

hi :smiley: , i’m so new :frowning: in Asterisk i’d like to know what linux distribution is the best option to work with Asterisk??? please aswer me soon thank you so much


Asterisk works on almost every linux distro. For me I use Fedora Core and I am sure so many people the distro to deploy Asterisk.


i use centos. it is the best one, i think to install asterisk.
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Yes, like zhu8080, i am using CentOS for my Asterisk servers. And I think it’s better than Fedora Core because it based on Redhat Enterprise’s core
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Duc Viet To Ho

Both fedora and centOS work fine with asterisk…i have tested them


I would use CentOS and not Fedora. Fedora is a front runner, fast changing distro. CentOS is derivative of the Redhat Enterprise distro. Fedora is Redhat’s community distro that is mainly used for the purpose of developing its Enterprise distro. Fedora will never be as stable as Redhat Enterprise or CentOS. When placing a softswitch like Asterisk in production you would like to make sure that it is rock solidl.

CentOS seems to have more updates and has a longer shelf life. Once they change fedora versions (which they do often) security updates for previous versions do not come out asfast.

SuSE 10 10.1 10.2 works well too.