The best linux version to use asterisk


Im so new in this software and would like to know from you, experts, an advice for me to begin using asterisk. I wonder what distro is the best for this app.

Thank you :smile:

There isn’t a best distro as it is a very personal choice. It is rumured that Digium employees develop on RedHat and/or Fedora. In fact the Business Edition is only “certified” to run on RHEL 3 or 4 and Fedora Core 3. Many people (including myself) run on CentOS 4. CentOS is almost an exact clone of RHEL 4 except for the branding which has to be removed and changed to CentOS. This way you get the stability of RHEL 4 without the cost.


i’ve asked this question, and got a mix of slackware and CentOS. currently we run fedora, but wanted to find more of a server level OS, as fedora seems to be more of a desktop-centric distro. debian and gentoo are also distros that i’ve heard are popular and are used at digium, but don’t quote me on that.

i would assume, based on RedHat’s popularity, that Cent would be a good choice. It is nearly identical to fedora in installation and setup, if that helps.

Pick whatever distro that you are most familar with using.

If you’ve never used Linux before take some time to try a few different distros or at least take some time to read about the differences between the distros, as each distro is quite unique.

Here’s a good website for distro research.


there was similar question alredy: … ght=distro