Which Phones to Choose

Hi All

We are looking at putting in a Asterisk Solution (our First), probably based round one of the Gui versions (Trixbox or FREEPBX, etc).

Which phones would you recommend. The one we are looking at are.

Linksys SPA-922, the Linksys SPA-942, Cisco 7911G, Cisco 7940G and Cisco 7960G.

We are looking for ease of use, ease of configuration and a sexy phone too :stuck_out_tongue:. They will need to have a switch in the back. to allow laptops to connect etc.

Are there any issues we should know about or are there better options? Are there any issues with configuring these devices?

As this is out First time using VOIP or Asterisk I thought I’d ask the community for their opinions.

Thanks for your time.



I don’t know LinkSys or Cisco phones, but I using a Snom 360 and it’s a very good phone with very nice sound cuality. Recomended.

I’m using too wi-fi UTStarCom F1000G phones but there is some problem when the Wireless is encripted with WEP or WPA - they not connect quickly and sometime not register with Asterisk, but this maybe is problem of access point, have to research. The volume of this phone is too low.


Hello Rager,

I think your phone selection is a good one. lets break it down and see if we can’t find one that fits you!

Linksys SPA-922 - 1 voice line, 2 RJ45, POE
Linksys SPA-942 - 2 voice lines standard, upgradeable to 4 however, 2 RJ45, POE (Prob. Linksys Top of the line phone)
Cisco 7911G - 4 voice lines, 2 RJ 45
Cisco 7940G - excellent phone from Cisco, Alot to say - Mainly 2 Voice lines, good speaker phone, large LCD screen
Cisco 7960G - the BMW of cisco phones :wink: 4 Voice lines, good speaker phone, large LCD screen

That is a quick break-down and i know there are alot of other things that make each phone unique. I personally would go with the SPA-942 for the money you can beat it, it has the same look and feel as a cisco, but less money. Hope this helps

I have a couple SPA-941’s and love them. I think they are similar, the only difference being the lack of the 2nd LAN port on the phone. They are easy to setup and use.

Polycom phones are nice also.

Yes the SPA 9** are almost all the same, just variations of voice lines and RJ45 ports. The polycom are excellent phones for the money, sturdy and useally the IP501 is considered the “benchmark” phone. I have always just been a linksys fan, and have used them myself.

Polycom phones are a good choice.
I’ve been using them for about a year and they work great, excellent sound quality using both G.711 and G.729.
Initial setup is a bit tricky but once you figure that out the rest is simple.
The 430 and the 6X0 series include PoE, the rest of the models require a special PoE cable.
All the models have the dual RJ-45 port.

I would say ditto on polycom. They are real good. I look at as cisco without the big prices. The Snom 360 is my next favorite.