Recommendations of what phones to use with Asterisk

Hi all,

I am looking for any input on which phones work best with asterisk. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


grandstream works good - wired SIP phone.
I had a lot of troubles with UTStarCom 1000 - WiFi SIP phone - I do not recomend it.
This is my experience with phones

use cisco7940 or linksys 942

We’re using Grandstream GXP2000, configurable and work well with asterisk. At least with Asterisk 1.4, I have no experience with Asterisk 1.2

Snom phones are goods too in my opinion, we are using them with * 1.4 and are working well.


Marco Bruni

The Polycom lineup IP 300/301/430/500/501/600/601 are all “Tested and Certified” to work with Asterisk. I use both 501’s and 430’s and they work great.

The utstarcom wifi phones work well for me (contrary to the post above) - provided that qualify is set to no. With qualify as anything else, they fall off the network.

Polycom IP-330 - I love this phone. Inexpensive, high quality, it’s so simple there’s no training necessary. Haven’t had any problems with Asterisk. The sound quality from the speaker phone is to die for…

Snom 320 - Good phone. Re-boots much quicker than the Polycom. The “side-car” is an inexpensive operator solution compared to Polycom’s add-on modules. As a company, Snom seems more open and into the Asterisk “thing”. Sound isn’t as good as Polycom and I’ve had a few calls come through that sound like you’re listening to a modem. I guess once in a while the codecs don’t mesh?!?

Snom 300 - Similar to the 320. However, the keys feel like crap. They’re too hard to push.

Cisco 7940 - Sound is real good. It takes up too much desk space. I dislike Cisco’s closed firmware, support contract attitude. It doesn’t jive with the open source community.

Linksys WIP-300 - Supports WPA2. Feels cheap! Mic is located on the bottom of the phone so it has a hard time picking up your voice unless angled just right. Overall, it works OK but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Rashad 911,
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For hfrisch
I will try to follow your experience and check qualify, then I will share my experience about UTStarcom

I have experience with both the Cisco 7912, 7940 and Grandstream GXP2000 phones.

The Cisco phones are of very high quality, but it seems the price on these phones has been going up lately. So, unless you want to spend $200 per phone - I highly recommend the Grandstream GXP2000.

The GXP2000 offers plenty of bang for the buck! This phone should do well in most environments.

Polycom phones for the win.