Which SIP telephone is better for Asterisk

Hi all!

Which sip telephone do you recommend for Asterisk?

This is what a need:

  1. Cheap.
  2. Nice.
  3. Full compatible.

mmm… o better say, what telephone do you use?


I use Polycom IP320 at my office and it works great. Sound quality is very good. It is $92.00

At my house I use an Aastra480i CT with extra cordless hand set. It’s much more expensive, but i really like the cordless option. It is $272.

both are very good IMO


And Linksys ?? Anybody?

we are using Linksys SPA941 Ip PHone & Cisco 7940. Bothe are excllent with its features & config work, well with Asterisk.


[quote=“sadzas”]This is what a need:

  1. Cheap.
  2. Nice.
  3. Full compatible.[/quote]
    AFAIC, there is no such a thing as described above mainly because cheap equates to lemons and lemons mean ugly, poor quality, non-functions, etc.

For asterisk, basically any inexpensive/expensive 100% SIP compliant devices will work. The extensions on my asterisk system are based on Linksys PAP2v1/PAP2v2/WRTP54G, DLink DVG-1120/1402S, Uniden UIP1869V, and some no brand name SIP devices with cordless phones. The audio quality is as good as the quality of the cordless phone used.

Grandstream are great, but may be not cheap.
I got couple of phones from Farsee - 30 - 40$ but then you should add transport, money for transferring money - I used WU…
They working great. Cons - no warranty - meaning it is not serious to send phone to China for repair. Non of phones need repair - but…
For quantities - they offer discounts also.

I have use the Aastra range of phone extensively and find them to be very good quality.

We use Snom phones and we are happy with them.


Marco Bruni

we switched for linksys spa942 to Aastra 9133i and found great improvement… mostly no confusing keys that change function depending call state and the most of all is the sound quality/gain, you have much more control on the volume.

Not to mention many team member had headsets with our old Nortstar phones those have RJ9 plug and the linksys use a 1/32 (i think) jack.
Aastra phones gave us the capabilities to save on using the previous headsets ($150 each!) so even if the Aastra costed us $10 more we save a bunch on headsets…
All of my users (currently 15) are pleased with Aastra and they were the ones that indicated the volume control/gain is much better than previous…

I must say that the Linksys have good sound too, but only misses the gain…