Your opinion on phones to use with Asterisk System!

We’re a small office (less than 20 extensions) and I was doing some research on phones and have now decided that I may end up doing a combination of phones for our new Asterisk system… Mostly Snom 360, Cisco 7960 and Cisco 7912 …

Any opinions on these products ? and which phones ave you used on your systems and find to be good and reliable?

i’ve never been interesed in the Cisco phones for all sorts of reasons, but have used the Snom 360 in every install i’ve done.

the quality is superb, provisioning pretty easy, and despite the pictures available, they actually look quite nice.

Though the pictures I’ve don’t look too impressive, the Snom 360 phones seem to come highly recomended by quite a few people who have worked SIP asterisk systems.

Anyone else have great experience with these? or maybe another phone?

Yes SNOM are excellent phones. Highly recommended. Same with AAstra phones.

I’m hearing a lot of bad things about the Ciscos, looks like I’m going to stick with Snom, I’ve yet to hear any real big overal complaints about their products…

I love all of the Polycom Phones!

I think they are the best for the money - the 430 has an awesome speaker phone and amazing sound quality and TONS of options when provisioning. I have close to 90 polycom phones (430s and 601s) at my install and wouldnt rec. anything else…


Personaly I use only and sell mostly Aastra sets, They have a nice range and intergrate well with Asterisk. And to date have been very reliable, I have them onlarge sites with no failed units to date.

I do also sell a lot of Cisco handsets but dont support them or recomend them. As to Sipura the 841 was “pants” and have had reports of reliabilty issues with the new range.

Polycom’s are good. cisco’s are a pain.

I use the Aastras for SIP and the ATCOMs for IAX as remote phones (best of a limited bunch of IAX2 hard phones that i could find).