Suggestions for IP phones for first attempt at Asterisk

I’m open to anyones suggestions for what phones I should use for my first attempt at setting up a Asterisk pbx. If it goes well I will eventually buy 10 phones. I’d like to keep the cost down on the phones since this is my first attempt.



We’re using the Linksys SPA-942 for the most part, having no problems, users are happy with them.

Also using the Nokia E65 as required. Very useful having the cellphone and office phone in one. If a call comes in to me, both my phones ring, using different sip usernames.

We did try a couple of Linksys WIP330, and didn’t like them. They keep turning themselves off.

I line Aastra phones myself and with Trixbox they are supported as End Points to be configured in the GUI which is really helpful. Any phone that you use should be able to provide easy to administer settings for QoS (DSCP, ToS) and VLANs so that you can separate your phones from your PCs on your LAN to maintain voice quality.

There is also the issue of server hardware, network switches, and ADSL routers. Ideally QoS should be supports at every stage as far as possible.