Where could I rent the server


Can you assist me the right company where I can rent the server for asterisk? What is the criteria for this?

Thank you

Virtual Machine or Physical

if you want a hosted solution? contact ccfconsulting.com somewhere in mississippi.com, but servers are in the old Enron datacenter.

They never went down during or after Katrina the servers / email / websites / offsite backups…never went down…they aslo offer some hurricane stuff for the VM stuff.

I think off the top of my head the VM starts at 70.00 and the Physical is 150.00 but do not quote me…
call them or email them
you can get whichever you want.

We can provide you with a Dedicated server for Asterisk. We are Asterisk “ready” and can help you with everything you need to get going and then some.

We provide:
Dedicated Servers
VoIP call Origination and Termination
Asterisk Consultation and more.


Is the country that the server is located important?

I know you can rent SUN Fire Opteron servers connected to a tier 1 provider for under US$200.00 in the United Kingdom.

You can also get reduced priced connectivity to an E1 circuit.