3 Asterisk servers to vm

Hi guys I have 3 Asterisk servers in different locations, and am looking into moving them to vm environment.

I got my test environment all set up and would like some advice.

Has anyone ran this set up in an enterprise environment?
If so what sort of hardware would i need to implement this and have it stable?

Hi sara_vallentino, what kind of VM environment do you plan to run Asterisk in? Would you consider renting Virtual Private Servers (VPS) from providers such as Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, etc. and run Asterisk there? If so, I recently wrote a detailed guide that may help you.

VM must be configured with enough dedicated RAM for all Asterisk’s needs, and must be configured with scheduling latencies of less than 20ms.

You might want to note that use of Switchvox on VMs is considered unsupported.

Thanks for the fast replies guys
I would love to see the guide your talking about hwdsl2
but i was planning on it being set up in vmware workstation 10 in CentOS 64 bit
because that’s how i have it set up in the test environment

Also how fast of a cpu and how many Gigs of ram do you guys think i would need to get this done

like how much ram do you think would be needed david55?

We only ever use real machines for production use and the development systems, on VMs, do not have enough resources for live use.

Hi sara_vallentino, my guide was developed for installing PBX in a Flash (PIAF) on DigitalOcean, which uses KVM virtualization. However, technically the instructions should also work in other VM environments except OpenVZ, although untested.

Here is the install guide I was talking about (on my tech blog):
blog.ls20.com/install-pbx-in-a- … italocean/

And here is the corresponding IPTables security HOW-TO I wrote up for Asterisk:
blog.ls20.com/securing-your-ast … -iptables/

I hope they will be helpful! Let me know if you have questions. By the way, I run my personal Asterisk server on a 613MB RAM machine with one virtual CPU (micro instance on EC2). However my Asterisk has only a few users, and I think you might need a lot more RAM if deploying in an enterprise environment.

Thanks for the reply David
So I got to use real machines, ok got it
Now do you think one asterisk could handle three different outgoing routes
with 3 different IVR’s for three different company’s?