Cost of DID and Trunks vs Cloud Hosting

I used to use Asterisk some time ago and my business went away. However starting up again and trying to make heads and tails of what I am doing.

If I host the Asterisk server myself then I need a VOIP Trunk and DID. These seem to cost about $25 per month per line.

However if I choose to have someone else host the server they charge the same amount. In other words it seems like the hosting part is free???

Did I miss something? I guess the hosted option isnt as good as I wouldnt have Asterisk to do whatever I needed. However I also wouldnt have to worry about the server either.

Any comments?

In my own personal opinion, if I where you, I will move to Cloud Hosting.

Why? Your provider will provide free support, maybe limited to the software and hardware, but you know that you have someone able to do what ever it takes to put you back online and your cost will stills the same $25.

Another advantage is that you will not need to care for CPU, switch, router spaceā€¦also consider the energy and the noise of these devices running 24hour.

Also, you will be save from ray in storms that can damage your networking equipment, like switches, router or the same Asterisk, in that case you will have to start over again.

I think that you will get more benefits than disadvantages. Just make sure your hosted server has all the rigths and access as if you have the physicial server at home/office.

Also you can save money in the montly energy bills.

That is my opinion, the final decision is yours.

There are no bad decisions, just different focus. Maybe what is good for me is bad to you.

Hope it helps

If you host the server yourself, you will know that you are giving it enough hardware resources, particularly for the real time nature of VoIP. A general purpose cloud VM is unlikely to be a good idea. A centrex system operated on hardware only used for VoIP may be reasonable.

If you operate a local machine, you will know that internal communications are secure, and resilient against internet failures. They will also not be competing with other internet traffic. As such, if you have a significant proportion of local calls, that would be an indication not to use a cloud system.