I need an Asterisk@Home host

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a company which will host Asterisk@Home for me. I have found one called BinFone.com which offers a P4 2.4 ghz machine for $125.00/month.

This is more than we need (and a little more than we can afford right now), as we will have only three phones - two concurrent calls will be the most on this server at any given time.

Can you recommend any Asterisk@Home managed hosts for me? I need to be able to select my own VoIP termination and originiation providers. It would be great if I could rent a cheap PIII 1.0ghz + machine for $50-$80. Managing asterisk@home is simple so I think this is reasonable.

Also, what do you think about BinFone? Is it a good company with good services?

Thank you,


Hi Lee,

Would you not want to run this yourself using a basic * machine and a VoIP provider like sipgate or broadvoice?

The answer is probably no, but I’m curious why you would want to host this out.



Well, I certainly wish I could - I have tried for about three days to get this thing working. Yes, I have spent over 30 hours on this, and I am just fed up with the asterisk setup. :frowning: I have posted questions, and tried to hire someone, but no luck. It is worth it to me to pay someone a monthly fee and not have the headache. if it’s this hard to setup, then I couldn’t possibly administer it!

I think the technical support may be worth the money. Both my partner and I will have home offices - so I wouldn’t want the headache of administering it! :open_mouth:

Thanks again,



Over the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of help out of these forums from some top-notch people, so it’s only right that I try and give what I can back. (It’s a Karma thing :smile: )

If you’re up for it I’d be happy to help out and get your system up and running. I’ve been using AAH for a while now split across two sites in what sounds like a similar set up as you’re after.

As for adminstering it, it’s my experience that once it’s up and running then the whole thing needs very little attention (and even if it does then no worries that can be sorted as well.

If you’re interested in going down this route PM me and we’ll get your system set up.



Nice offer! I also want to highly recommend the Nerd Vittle site as a source of information on getting Asterisk set up.


There is a ton of info on there! All very practical, recipe-type instructions too.

One thing to beware - a lot of the early articles recommend Broadvoice, but more recently he is warning away from them based on the problems customers have been having. See the BBB at:

bosbbb.org/reports/reliabili … rmId=96312


Good onya doug-b, this is the true spirt of opensource.

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