Buying hosted Asterisk server - who can provide this?

I am posting this as I believe there are others in my situation.
This also might give some service providers ideas about what they want to work on.

I am a IT manager, not an IT guy per se. I have spent some time working my way through this jargon maze :smile: . After much back and forth I now believe I know what I need.

I have searched the web, gone over dozens of company sites in this industry.
Many of them claim to do pretty much “everything”, that statement is not worth much to me.

A general problem is that they all assume a very high level of technical knowledge. None of them even have a glossary of terms, I find that astounding. As if the only ones they cater to are other technical people. A lot of people are involved in this industry, from management to directors to journalists etc. Getting things down to understandability should be a priority.

If you know of any company that can provide the service I need, please provide links of company website, thank you very much!

I need a server (dedicated or virtual) with:


I need full access to the Asterisk server, root access.
I need to have the Asterisk server set ut to the specifications below, and then take it from there myself.
I need a flexible approach, not a “fully integrated telephony system” that is rigidly set up.
Is someone has made a user friendly interface to the Asterisk server that would be great.
The Asterisk server must be set up to receive about 100 DID’s to start with in a testing phase.
At least 50-100 simultaneous calls should be possible.
The inbound calls will be answered with just a busy signal for now in the test phase. Later I will need more, but this is good for now. So I do not need all the telephony stuff now, that will come later.
The Asterisk will produce a call log.
The call log will be put into the local MySQL database.
The database will export the call log data out to a different server on the net with a different MySQL database.
This export will need to be done near real time using say something like Pentacoast Kettle.

That’s about what I need.

It should be:

  • A decent size company with 24/7/365 support (not a one or two man band).
  • A company that understands that I am not as technical as them and can provide some support and guidance.
  • Based in a developed country, preferably northern Europe or USA.
  • Upfront on cost and pricing. Setup cost and monthly maintenance cost.
  • A hosted Asterisk server as a standard product, not an expensive custom job.
  • Ability to do minor customizations on an upfront hourly rate.
  • Ability to grow with the customer, I am in development phase, and expect rapid growth later.
  • A decent website that will explain what they do (not just a page that says “We are IP experts and can do anything”).
    Some decent reference cases on the website that I can easily check.

Thats it really, not much.


Thanks for any tips and links.

Hmmmm, no replies in two days.
Either I was not clear enough.
Or, no one is providing this service as a hosted Asterisk server pure and simple.

A Google search for “hosted asterisk” turns up only very custom made solutions. Nothing open, in the spirit of open source. … gle+Search

Then it should be an opportunity for someone to provide this.

I will be the first buyer.


i think you should install and customize the server hosted.
Usually or you find integrated services already done, or just a linux server with complete management aviable.

I made an asterisk installation of a hosted server form scratch, i choosed the linux os and then got root access and installed it.


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I know this is an old thread. Can anyone recommend a hosted solution? Thanks