What'the minimal configuration of a snom 320 to let it work

I am just involved in an asterisk project and I want to have a Snom 320 working with Asterisk.
I checked the configuration files like sip.conf, sccp.conf, extensions.conf etc and they looks fine. On the Asterisk server dhcpd is running and in the dhcpd.conf file the Snom is noted with its ip-address and netmask.

On the Snom 320 I enabled dhcp.

When I powered the Snom I seee it received its address etc.
When I looked in the Asterisk console, with “sip show registry” there is no registration at all.


  1. Do I need to configure a tftp address in the Snom ?
  2. If so, what kind of config files must the Snom receive ?
  3. Do I need a tftp server ?
  4. Can a Snom 320 just out the box, with dhcp configured enabled, directly being used ?
  5. Is there anything more needed for registration ?

I hope I am clear in my descriptions.

THX !!

  1. no;
  2. use the web interface of the Snom to config it;
  3. no;
  4. no,
  5. it needs just be configured.

Check snom.com/wiki/index.php/Inte … y/Asterisk to understand how to configure your Snom to work with *.


Marco Bruni