snom320 saving configuration and copying it to other snom320

Maybe the solution might be simple but I don’t know yet.

I have three Snom320 and have configured only one.

:confused: Questions: :confused:

How can I save the configuration and load it into the other two snom320’s.
Is there an option to save it to a file and tu use it to load it via a TFTP server into the other Snom320.

Thanks in advance !

I don’t know exactly what you want, but you will find a link of every option a snom phone has on this link

You can create a file (default=snom320.htm) and put it on a TFTP server. The snom phones automatically check for these files.

I saved the settings from the webpage settings in the Snom 320 to a text file. I modified this to only the settings I need to change.
I put at the top

and at the bottom
I renamed this file to snom320.htm an put it in the root of my webserver on my PC On the advanced page, on the snom, I put at option [b]update[/b] []( Subscribe config to yes

Reboot the snom, and it works !

I only have to get rid off the message Are you using dhcp ?
At each boot its asking this question although dhcp is set to yes !

Thanks for the help.

Yeah I use DHCP, the option

dhcp: on

in the text file works for me. Did you use the same command?

Btw: If you are using asterisk with passwords be sure to add the option “filter_registrar: off” to your config file, otherwise the server often won’t ask for your password.